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Lance Ackley |
Early in WWII, the German Forces, when invading Poland did not use a Black cross symbol,they used a white cross. Can you tell me what happened for them to change it to a black cross?
19 August 2012 - USA

Webmaster comments   Sorry. I'll have to pass on this. No idea.
Patty Apostolides |
I recently came upon your website through the preditors and editors gold awards for best sites. I am a Greek American author and poet, and am building my website to include Greek author links and author links pertaining to Greek themes. I was wondering if I could include your book about Sparta. That sounds very interesting. I am also delving into the historical aspect of Greece for my next novel, and am looking into including antiquities in the plot.

All the best to you,
Patty Apostolides
18 June 2012 - USA

Webmaster comments   Patty,
By all means add a link! I have a total of five books about ancient Greece, and will be releasing the third and last book in the Leonidas trilogy this fall.
Good luck with your own writing!
cam |
hi i found out from my opa that fredrich olbricht is my fourth cousin
27 March 2012 - leduc

Webmaster comments   That's very exciting! I hope you'll take the time to learn more about him. I suggest you start with "Codename Valkyrie: General Olbricht and the Plot Against Hitler." It's a full length biography and still available for sale via Helena
joe |
do you know the route Leonids and the 300 took to Thermopylae? Can you supply a copy of that route?
7 November 2011 - elmhurst il USA

Webmaster comments   Sorry, but I can't help you here. All we know is that he passed through/by Thebes and Thespeia on his way north, collecting contingents of troops from these and other cities. I believe, therefore, that he travelled inland, and not along the coast. Helena
Beverly Gardiner |
I am reading "Lady in the Spitfire"-love it and am so glad I found it by just walking the aisles of the library. It is a great read and I have enjoyed learning about the lady pilots. Will certainly check into your other books. Keep asking the local used book stores for copies of your book and nothing-seems as though the reader kept your book for their library. I can see why.
18 June 2011 - Loveland, Colorado

Webmaster comments   Beverly,
I'm delighted to hear you are enjoying "The Lady in the Spitfire." Thank you for taking the time to write and tell me! If you wish to purchase a copy, I suggest you check It is availabe there both new and used. You will also find on amazon "Chasing the Wind," a novel set during the Battle of Britain in which Emily also plays a significant role. And if you are interested in WWII generally "An Obsolete Honor," about the German resistance to Hitler might also interest you.
Helena P. Schrader
Nicki |
Hi Helena
I have just finished reading your first book in the Leonidas trilogy and i was just amazing. a thorough joy. im already waiting for the second one to come out. There is something about the Spartans and there way of life. its hard to put a finger on it, but the book just seems to immerse you in that way of life. I can wait for Peerless Peer
27 May 2011 - Australia

Webmaster comments   Thank you! It looks like we're still on track for a release of Book II, A Peerless Peer, in August or September this year, so watch for it then.
Susanne Tinzmann |
Hello Helena,
Will you continue writing books on ancient Sparta - perhaps set during the Peloponnesian War? I have read all your books on Sparta and haved enjoyed them tremendously, so I hope for more after the Leonidas trilogy.
16 March 2011 - Denmark

Webmaster comments   Susanne,
I'm glad you enjoy my books. Right now I am working on the final corrections of the manuscript of Book II in the Leonidas Trilogy. I hope the book will be released in August or September of this year (2011). Then comes Book III, which I hope will be released in 2012. In both of these, Leonidas' wife Gorgo plays a significant role, which I think you'll enjoy. Both volumes are also longer than Book I. In short, you have at least two further, longer Sparta books to look forward too! What comes after, I really can't say for sure. Probably a three to four part biographical novel of Edward of Woodstock (1330 - 1376). After that I may well "return" to Sparta. I hope you will remain a loyal reader.

J Regan |
Dear Helena - I've sent an email to your contact address. Great site and information!
10 March 2011 - United Kingdom

Webmaster comments   Your message has not yet reached me. Please try again at I look forward to hearing from you. Helena
Dennis Ruiz |
Hey, Helena, I just finished reading Leonidas of Sparta: Boy of the Agoge. I was wondering when the other two books will be coming out, and if there is anyway to be put on a mailing list to be informed when they are finished. I loved the story. Thanks Dennis.
17 December 2010 - Destin, Florida

Webmaster comments   Denis,
Delighted to hear you enjoyed the book! Thank you for taking the time to let me know.

Book II, "A Peerless Peer" is finished and in the editing stage. I expect to release it in August/September of 2011. If all goes well, "A Dispensible King," the third book in the trilogy, will be released in August/September 2012.

Although I'll try to send out an email and put a post on my facebook when the book is released, the best way to watch for it is to periodically do a search by author on

Meanwhile, you might enjoy "The Olympic Charioteer," or "Are They Singing in Sparta?"

All the Best for 2011!

Ambassador Carey Cavanaugh |
Greetings. Hope you are enjoying Lagos and pleased to see that Patterson School grads are making strong contributions in every sphere immaginable. We discussed diplomacy and Sparta in DIP 777 last month -- that scene from 300 left a lasting impression on the limitations of diplomatic immunity. All the best,
Carey Cavanaugh, Director
Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce
27 September 2010 - Lexington, KY

Webmaster comments   Ambassador,
Delighted to hear from you! Lagos was wonderful. I have moved on, but I miss Nigeria! I would love to have contact with the Patterson School again. A guest lecture on Spartan diplomacy, perhaps? A fascinating subject that has been much neglected. Helena

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